Welcome to West London Crematorium.

For over 160 years an unexpected feature of Central London has been the haven of Kensal Green Cemetery, where generations of visitors have been able to walk through seemingly endless acres of quiet and peaceful surroundings. At its south-western end, in meticulously kept gardens of remembrance, stands the West London Crematorium.

There are two chapels, both suitable for the services of all religions.

East Chapel. Please click for a larger image

Traditionally furnished, the original East Chapel accommodates 100 people, seated on oak pews on either side of a central aisle. The coffin rests on an art deco marble catafalque and is committed through bronze doors. The new West Chapel is decorated and finely furnished in contemporary style and seats up to 90 people on individual chairs with room for more standing. The light oak catafalque has a canopy and descending curtains, all of which are fully automated, presenting a choice of committal procedures.

By closing the dividing curtains the new chapel can be reduced to a capacity of 42, allowing greater intimacy for a smaller number of people.


West Chapel. Please click for a larger image

As music is an important part of most services a special music centre is provided which can relay requested selections from records, cassette tapes and compact discs provided by families. Both chapels have an organ and our organist will play requested hymns and other pieces by prior arrangement. There are facilities to record services if required. The service books available contain the orders of service for the Church of England, the Roman Catholic Church and Free Churches and a selection of popular hymns. Ancient and Modern Hymnals are also available. Privately produced orders of service may be brought in and used. A small number of braille service books are available. Each Chapel has a small waiting room and there are hot and cold drinks available in the side passage of the East Chapel.



There is an elegant forecourt at the front of the Crematorium and ample car parking space nearby. Mourners who arrive early may sit in the waiting room or walk in the surrounding gardens. Quiet music plays in the chapel both before and after the service and floral tributes are displayed in the magnificent glazed atrium between the chapels.

Each of the chapels is decorated with flowers kindly donated by mourners. If you would like to donate your flowers please inform our chapel attendant or your funeral director of your wishes.

If prior notice is given, allowing for a short wait after the service, principal mourners may be admitted to the committal room to witness the final committal of the coffin.

Crematorium Forecourt. Please click for a larger image

After the Service

Once the cremation has taken place you need to think about what you are going to do with the ashes of your Loved one.

You will have probably already completed a form regarding the disposal of the ashes. However this form was completed at the time of making the funeral arrangements and your wishes may have changed.

If you are in any doubt as what to do with the ashes, make sure that your Funeral Director of the Crematorium is instructed to hold the ashes.

The scattering of ashes is generally an irrevocable act and has often bought regret and distress to families that did not understand the terminology or sequence of events.

Our sincere advice is to take time to consider the various options and only after you understand all the choices open to you, make that decision.

We have trained staff on hand that can guide you through this difficult and very personal process at a pace that suits you, without pressure of any kind.


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