Why have a Memorial?

We have memorialised our deceased relatives and friends for thousands of years, memorials are literally as old as the pyramids.

Memorials act as a focal point to quietly and peacefully reflect in your own time.

They also act as a link with the past and to the future. They give an insight into the history, achievements and even the sense of humour of an individual family or community.

The Gardens of Remembrance Memorial Options

Please do take time to visit the beautiful Gardens of Remembrance and come into the office to discuss anything that you are unsure about.

 We are here to help and will allow you  as much time as you wish in discussing  your exact requirements.

 Over the next few memorial pages we  hope to give you an insight into the  various memorials that are now available  at West London Crematorium. In  particular, the newly created Callard  Garden, with waterside location, offers  surroundings of peace and tranquility.

We have taken a great deal of care and attention to create Gardens of Remembrance that will bring comfort and solace for you and for generations to come.

A brief description and details on ashes interment accompanies each picture.

Most of our memorials are designed for a minimum of two people, this ensures that when the time comes you are assured of being with your loved one.

Memorial lease periods

We offer a choice of lease options on most of our memorials.


All our memorial options are created from the very highest quality material. We use granite, bronze and Minsterstone products. We do not use plastic, copper or cheap concrete. The gardens will continue to look good for generations to come.

In order that we maintain gardens that look as good as they possibly can, we ask all our families not to bring in jam jars, trinkets, plastic or similar items which will detract from the overall appearance.

All purchasers /owners of memorials must abide by the Garden of Remembrance Rules. Please note, these rule are subject to change and owners and visitors must abide by the current rules.


Private Family Gardens Rockery

Edged in natural stone these irregular gardens offer you the opportunity of a very personal memorial. The garden is planted with shrubs of your choice*.

You are able to place a bronze or granite marker or personalise it further by placing a miniature headstone or birdbath in it.

Up to eight sets of ashes may be interred within the garden.

A marker is placed in the rockery, there is no defined area and no individual planting allowed.

Up to two sets of ashes can be interred loosely into the soil.



Miniature Plots
Headstone Gardens
Wall Plaques

Our smallest private plot allows for the positioning of a flower boulder situated above the location.

Up to four sets of ashes can be interred in a miniature plot.

Arranged in small sections these miniature headstone gardens re-create the traditional grave took but in a natural setting. Each garden has a defined area where flowers can be placed.

Up to four sets of ashes can be interred in a headstone garden.

Granite or Bronze wall plaques of varying sizes are available. Pictures and flower vases are also available to be purchased and attached to the plaques.

Ashes are scattered or interred near the wall plaques.

Open Book
Book of Remembrance
Wall Niches

A bronze plaque is placed on the open book. One inscription per plaque is allowed although a second adjacent plaque can be purchased for future use.

Ashes are interred nearby. Only available for 10 or 20 years.

An inscription in this Book is in for all time. The relevant page is displayed on the anniversary day throughout the year. Handwritten copies of an inscription can he provided in the form of cards or booklets of remembrance.

Cremated remains can be placed in a Wall Niche in the Crematorium Gardens. Each niche is sealed with an engraved stone tablet for a 10 or 20 year period of dedication with an option of renewal, with room for more than one urn or casket.

Memorial Tablets
Ashes Plots in Kensal Green Cemetery
Memorial Rose Trees & Bushes

Tablets can he inscribed and set in one of the terrace or garden walls. They are available in marble, granite or slate in a variety of lettering styles.

Ashes Plots are miniature graves, size 2’ x 2’, and are available upon application to the Kensal Green Cemetery Office.

Memorial rose trees and bushes, with suitably engraved plaques, are granted and maintained for a 5, 10 or 20 year period of dedication with an option of renewal.

Caskets & Urns
Scattering Garden Bronze Plaques
Memorial Vases

Cremated remains may be placed in one of a selection of caskets and urns.

Request our special brochure.

Bronze Plaques (6.5” x 2.5”) can be provided for those whose cremated remains have been strewn in the Scattering Garden.

White marble memorial vases are available and these can be personalised with a brief inscription on a granite tablet. They can be taken for a 10 or 20 year period of dedication.

Ribbon Gardens

Similar in design to headstone gardens but with a different choice of marker they offer the same private plot in a slightly less format environment.

Up to four sets of ashes may be interred in a headstone garden.